Why Buy From Boutique Labels?

As consumers, choosing where to buy clothing from is becoming increasingly challenging. With giant international fashion retailers now landing on our shores, competition for our customer loyalty is growing fiercer.

There is much talk in the news and social media about sustainability and conscious consuming. Being more mindful of our choices is becoming a daily consideration, reinforced by initiatives such as the removal of single use plastic bags and brands looking for more sustainable ways to package product and minimize waste.


But how does this translate to the fashion industry, and how can we make better, more conscious decisions? what are our options, and how can we make better choices?

One of the biggest issues facing the fashion industry right now is over-production. Huge volumes of clothing are manufactured but not sold, resulting in large quantities of new, unworn clothing going straight to landfills or being incinerated. This damages our environment on two fronts, firstly unnecessary production, secondly, the resulting unnecessary waste.

Choosing pieces from boutique labels is one way to combat these issues. Boutique labels batch produce in small quantities, producing their garments to order each season. This keeps volumes low, minimizes production requirements, and reduces unnecessary waste. We believe this is a more mindful and considerate way to run a business and a strategy that does not get the recognition it deserves.






As we increasingly strive to consider our personal values when spending our money, arming ourselves with the knowledge and understanding of the industry enables us to put our best foot forward and act. As consumers, the best way to voice our feelings is with our wallets. Purchasing from boutique labels, such as those you will find in our store and on our website, is one way to vote that you want things done a better way. This is something we pride ourselves on and we hope you will too.

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